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We will enhance a more inclusive and sustainable world, by building climate change resilience and facilitating access to quality and relevant education for communities with limited opportunities. 

Today, 1 in 4 people in the world are not in training, education or employment. Access to quality education is key to achieving our sustainable development goals. Alongside our associative partners, we want to help strengthen academic, social and digital skills, and provide a better understanding of the codes of the world of work to promote inclusion.

Every year, 100 hectares of rich, productive land are degraded – that’s twice the size of Greenland. Our aim is to promote resilience in the face of climate change. By supporting projects to protect biodiversity, provide access to renewable energy, improve soil quality, plant sustainable crops and support agricultural and ecological practices, we aim to strengthen the knowledge and quality of life of the communities around us.

And that’s why we take action. Think Human Foundation. Founded in 2019, Think Human Foundation supports nonprofits on quality education and climate resilience. It is funded by Concentrix and private donations.

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(C) Life project 4 Youth, Philippines

Why we’re taking action

300 million students are lacking basic numeracy and literacy skills by 2030
70 Animal populations have declined of almost 70% since 1970
100 million hectares of healthy and productive land are degraded every year

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