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THF envisions a world in which all young people are empowered through education to live up to their potential.

It’s our mission to foster the social and professional inclusion of young people with limited opportunities, through educative projects enhancing the skills needed to navigate the 21st century.

Education and career development programs have become more accessible than ever through technology.

Yet, many underprivileged workers still find it hard to restart a computer. Or their lives. Not because they don’t have the talent or abilities, but because of a lack of support.

Think Human Foundation works closely with NGOs across the world to train and develop underprivileged talent. We pledge to understand and promote the true meaning of equitable opportunity. If we open our hearts to change, we open doors for others. The most rewarding careers for our generations involve possibilities to help those who are left behind. 

And that’s why we do it. 

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Access to quality education
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Professional skills to fight exclusion
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Why we’re taking action

600 million children and adolescents worldwide cannot access basic skill training
70 per cent of the jobs today require basic digital skills.
800 million young people will not have the skills needed to join the modern workforce by 2030

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