ADN Kids


According to the 2020 UNICEF report, School-related violence in all its forms is an infringement of children’s and adolescents’ rights to education and to health and well-being. No country can achieve inclusive and equitable quality education for all if learners experience violence and bullying in school.  

History of ADN Kids

The world is more and more complex, and tense relations can be difficult to handle. This is why ADN Kids was founded in 2016. Presided by Julie Crouzillac, this NGO offers an awareness program for negotiation with children and teenagers, using a method called ‘PACIFICAT’, created by 2 French professional negotiators. This method is initially addressed to the companies and their managers but was adapted to a younger audience through interactive and recreational workshops. 

Starting in France, this initiative is now active worldwide, in specific countries where ambassadors can help: Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Ivory Coast, but also Brazil, and Mauritius.


ADN Kids

ADN Kids aims to tackle violence and bullying at school. They are convinced that raising awareness of negotiation with young children is the best way to fight against these problems.

Thanks to these workshops conducted in collaboration with the schools, children, and teenagers improve their interpersonal skills and are more aware of their emotions and others’ emotions. This is very important to be able to face tense and conflictual situations, even at a young age. With these skills, they can adapt their behavior to the context, have constructive and respectful discussions despite potential disagreements, and live their lives in the best possible way.

Between 2016 and 2020, ADN Kids trained around 6000 children with the support of 558 ambassadors, animating the workshops.


Think Human Foundation & ADN Kids

In May 2022, Think Human Foundation and ADN Kids decided to join their efforts to empower the youth through social and emotional learning.

For one year, they will offer workshops in French schools benefiting 1500 children to help them gain confidence through negotiation skills training and continue its efforts to avoid school dropout rate.

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