Aflatoun – Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador


This association aims to tackle a massive issue in society which is the lack of social, formal and financial education among the youth. Aflatoun has made it its vision and purpose to socially and emotionally empower youth in order to improve their quality of life.

History of Aflatoun

Aflatoun was founded in 1991 in Mumbai by Jeroo Billimoria as an action research project. The purpose of the project was to bring rich and poor children together in order for them to learn about each other’s lives. In 1993, the programme gained more momentum and grew even broader. The expansion grew out of the city and into the rural areas as well.

In 2005, Aflatoun (Child Savings International) incorporated in Amsterdam. An Aflatoun programme was developed and after that, a campaign of Social and Financial Education was founded in March 2008 by the then Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. The campaign’s goal was to reach one million children in 75 countries within 3 years and these targets were exceeded. In 2011, the organization broadened its curriculum by providing a programme called Aflateen which is specifically dedicated to improving the quality of life of young people. Currently, the organization has reached 20 million children.



Their purpose is to ensure that the youth has access to quality, inclusive, social and financial education in order to empower them with the right tools to eradicate poverty. This is achieved through the Aflatoun International programme which focuses on equipping children and young adults with interpersonal and cognitive skills.


Think Human Foundation & Aflatoun

Think Human Foundation and Stichting Aflatoun International partnered up to improve quality entrepreneurship and employability for young people. Stichting Aflatoun International activities are for 3 years.

The project aims to link young people (12-15 years old) from Colombia, El Salvador, and Nicaragua with the aim to increase their job-readiness skills through the implementation of a youth entrepreneurship programme.

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