Baby Lab


Baby Lab is proud that young people from all over the Ivory Coast and abroad attend its digital technology courses. Since Baby Lab’s founding six years ago, before the founder’s dream was turned to reality, the organization has received 11 awards and recognitions from leaders in the digital technology industry.

History of Baby Lab

In 2014, Obin Guiako was working a day job while pursuing his digital technology passion through online training on the side. Soon after, a digital fabric course that he enrolled in with a few friends quickly proved to be a revelation for his dream. Obin discovered the Fab Lab concept, a digital fabrication laboratory listed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) directory, a resource for sharing digital technology knowledge.

Although the Fab Lab concept was known in other countries, it had not surfaced in the Ivory Coast. Obin and friends, most being computer scientists, decided to create an innovation space in Abobo, a working-class district of Abidjan.

The concept is straightforward. Young students or professionals come to Baby Lab with a project or a concept in mind. The association can help them develop the project by providing the necessary space and equipment. Training courses are also offered to children ages eight to 15.

“Involving children today is preventing tomorrow’s unemployment.”


Baby Lab

Baby Lab aims to reduce the social divide by providing young people from working-class neighborhoods with free access to digital training.

According to Obin, working-class neighborhoods face unemployment today due to a lack of education and a defeatist mentality about opportunities. Baby Lab intends to provide support through giving access to the appropriate tools and digital training, enabling them to face the professional market’s need for total digital transformation.

Obin believes that tomorrow will be digital. His ambition is to help transform working-class neighborhoods into technological innovation hubs to prevent these populations from becoming overwhelmed by technology’s exponential growth in the new world. Creating an entrepreneurial spirit and utilizing technology to drive change can help give perspective to the countless young people we aim to support.

Baby Lab intends to build a network of digital fabrication laboratories throughout the territory to support disadvantaged populations.


Think Human Foundation and Baby Lab

In November 2018, the SHARED Foundation and Webhelp Ivory Coast teamed up to help Baby Lab pursue its mission of professional integration through digital technology education. SHARED financed four trainers who facilitated making the training access to as many people as possible. Thanks to this contribution, Baby Lab has trained more than 1.400 young people in various educational programs.

The collaboration continued with Baby Lab, but in January 2021, Think Human Foundation joined the efforts to help Baby Lab develop the Lab Academy to provide a community and resources for the people involved in the project.

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