Colorie ma vie – Madagascar


Madagascar has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. Despite a record growth rate over the past five years, 75% of the Malagasy population still lives below the poverty line.

Faced with the local population’s food and health deficiencies, a French woman, Françoise Langard, decided to dedicate her life to help Malagasy children.

History of Colorie Ma Vie

Françoise Langard began her humanitarian efforts on the Red Island of Madagascar in 1989. Having adopted 14 Malagasy children herself, Françoise founded the Colorie Ma Vie Association in 2010 to help as many children as possible and prevent further suffering. Today, her biological children, Stéphanie and Alexandre, manage the association as President and Vice President.


Colorie Ma Vie’s Mission

The Colorie Ma Vie facilities, located in Antananarivo, have welcomed over 37 children from ages two to 20. Its primary mission is to provide a stable home for local children with access to food, education, and happy life. The objective is to nurture the children so they feel empowered to pursue the life of their dreams one day.

Madagascar’s population is filled with young children.Children, aged 14 and under, represented 41% of the total population. Education is the key to access better living conditions. Colorie Ma Vie aims to support the children they host for as long as possible to ensure they can pursue the studies of their dreams.  Acquiring knowledge and competence can give them the proper tools to face the difficulties of working life and have a chance to enjoy a brighter future.


Think Human Foundation & Colorie Ma Vie

Our partnership with Colorie Ma Vie began in 2017 with support for the youngest children’s schooling, in addition to education funding for young adults who completed high school.

The foundation team and the children formed an instant bond. The frequency of the visits quickly increased, changing the daily life of children in the association.

Game-changers in Madagascar and France were eager to make the children smile by collecting and donating clothes, toys, and sanitary products.

Now Think Human Foundation focusses its efforts on the schooling fees for the children so they can acess quality education.

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