DUO for a JOB


History of DUO for a JOB

Active in Belgium since 2013, DUO for a JOB was created for two reasons:

– On the one hand, there are young people of immigrant origins (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation, from outside the European Union) who face many barriers to accessing employment. Official statistics show that there is a significant gap in access to the labor market between these young people and young people of French origin, no matter their level of qualification.

– On the other hand, the rate of people over 50 years old actively participating in the labor force is relatively low in France, with even a lack of appreciation (perceived and real) of their skills and professional experience. Yet, these seniors want to remain active, “useful”, and concretely contribute to society.

DUO’s solution? bringing these groups together!

The association now also operates in the French cities of Paris, Lille, and Marseille. Nearly 4,000 young people have already been supported by its programs and 75% have found a job, internship, or training with the help of their mentor.


DUO for a JOB

DUO for a JOB organizes intergenerational and intercultural mentoring to facilitate the employment of young people and refugees from diverse backgrounds, while enhancing the experience of the 50+ generation.

In concrete terms, they foster connections through which an experienced person, “the mentor”, shares his or her knowledge and experience with a young person, “the mentee”, encouraging the development of his or her skills and autonomy, helping them identify and achieve their professional goals. This relationship (“duo”) is based on exchange, learning, and permanent and reciprocal trust.

Once paired, the young person and their mentor meet for two hours a week for six months. Each duo is supervised and accompanied by a team coordinator throughout this period.


Think Human Foundation & DUO for a JOB

Touched by the organization’s mission, Think Human Foundation wanted to contribute to their projects and help launch two branches in Paris and Lille. Thanks to this support, DUO for a JOB was able to bring together the first pairs of mentors and mentees, launch its mentoring operations and help young people with their professional integration. Since its launch in Paris at the end of 2019, more than 130 young people have been supported in their job search, while in Lille, with its branch opened during the summer of 2021 the first two duos have been formed!

During 2021, Think Human Foundation’s support particularly focused on the opening of the Lille branch, with the launch of activities throughout the Lille metropolitan area. The welcome given to DUO for a JOB by institutional, social, and associative partners is promising for a successful regional expansion. This is made possible thanks to solid partnerships such as that of Think Human Foundation.

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