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In Peru, only 2 out of 10 students perform math operations according to their grade. In rural areas, this figure changes to 5 out of 100 students. The dropout rate is alarmingly high, only 48% of students complete school. This scenario reflects the deep inequality of the country and the pandemic made the gap even bigger: more than 600 thousand students stopped attending classes in 2020 alone. Faced with this reality, Enseña Peru promotes a movement to bring quality education to all Peruvians.

History of Ensena Peru

Founded in 2009 and based on the vision of collective leadership to boost educational transformation across the country and close gaps in education, the association runs experiential leadership programs for teachers, school principals, local leaders, student leaders, and professionals from various backgrounds; who apply their learnings to impact the lives of students in their communities.

Enseña Perú is part of Teach For All, a global network of independent partner organizations that work for education in more than 60 countries. We believe that for a real change in education, it is essential to involve the entire community. That is why we contribute to educational transformation by building synergies with students, families, communities, and authorities and working with allies who believe in the power of education. Thanks to the collective leadership of a growing network, students can achieve results way beyond what would usually be expected.


Ensena Peru

Enseña Peru promotes a leadership movement for transcendent education for all students in Peru. We work daily inspired by our vision: that by the year 2032, at least 8 of 10 students in Peru will receive an education of excellence.

Since our foundation in 2009, we have reached more than 60,000 students. During the year 2021, we trained more than 135 fellows, 160 local teachers, and 5,000 leaders in education; and reached more than 12,000 students in 14 regions. A recent impact evaluation demonstrates that our fellow students perform better on national exams than other students.

According to a 2020 Center for Global Development paper, these results would rank Enseña Perú among the 90th percentile of the most effective programs in supporting student learning. During the pandemic, we contributed to educational continuity which included migrating all programs to a virtual learning ecosystem, enabling teacher creativity through virtual hackathons of educational projects and agile research-based protocols to help their students develop 21st-century competencies.

Some say that “necessity is the mother of innovation”, and I believe that phrase represents 2020-2021 to a large extent. Since we started Enseña Peru, our purpose – to see students grow towards better versions of themselves – is the soul of innovation that drives us every year to achieve better results.

Franco Mosso Cobian – Co-Founder an Executive Director of Ensena Peru

Think Human Foundation & Ensena Peru

We started working for education with THF through Webhelp Peru in 2021. It starts with conversations between Webhelp global with the Teach For All Global Network, where Enseña Perú is a member. We are grateful to work collaboratively and strengthen our impact in the Peruvian Amazon.

Amazonas is a region where 56.9% of schools do not have access to basic services and only 1 in 10 girls who start school finishes it. Our project will support and train fellow teachers and local teachers in the region, who will have a direct impact on +500 students within 3 years. It also includes workshops for students led by WebHelp volunteers. This intervention aims for students to achieve better academic results and socio-emotional skills.

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