Excellence Ruralités – France


According to the association: in France many rural areas are experiencing considerable educational difficulties. They are rarely taken care of by priority education policies which are concentrated in metropolitan areas. To date, nine out of ten departments where the youth have the highest reading difficulties are in rural areas in France. In Asine, where Excellence Ruralités first school is located, 17.71% of the youth cannot read or encounter great difficulties in it. As a result, there has been very high school dropout rates.  . 

History of Excellence Ruralités

The association was founded in 2017 by Hervé Catala and Jean-Baptiste Nouailhac, under the aegis of the Foundation for Schools. The Rural Excellence Network has set itself the task of fighting against the territorial divide by making the best educational innovations accessible to young people from marginalized communities. Since its establishment, 55 students have benefited from this special learning and 89% of former students are engaged in a degree course or a job now.


Excellence Ruralités

This association aims to take all initiatives and carry out all actions in the field of education, teaching and training of children, young people and adults, in particular through the management and organization of educational establishments. The first objective of the association was to create a pilot school where students can regain confidence by revealing all their talents, pursue a fulfilling education in high school or by choose a vocational training that corresponds to their aspirations.


Think Human Foundation & Excellence Ruralités

In May 2023, Think Human Foundation and Excellence Ruralités have joined hands in this ground-breaking project. THF supports the prevention of dropping out of schools, promoting equal opportunities in these

innovative schools and colleges in the most disadvantaged rural areas. A new class of CM2 (5th grade) will open with 80 beneficiaries during the first year.

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