Foto Colectania – Spain


Our ambitious 3-year project  promotes social, digital and labor inclusion for young people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Barcelona. How will we do this? By inspiring members through photography. Photography can help young people  discover a wide range of possibilities while providing a creative form of expression. Photography skills can be useful in  future professional experience.

History of Foto Colectania

Photography is a language that allows us to explore the world and can  help transform us and our societies and help us see from multiple perspectives. Foto Colectania aspires to facilitate, spread the word and make the language of photography accessible to today’s society.

A non-profit organization founded in Barcelona in 2002, Foto Colectania aims to facilitate photography and introduce it within the social, artistic and educational field in Spain.

Foto Colectania is situated in a refurbished 19th space in the center of Barcelona, in which its exhibitions and activities take place, and its primary photography Collection is exemplarily housed.


Foto Colectania

Foto Colectania Foundation’s mission is to create and promote projects on photography and “visual thinking.”
The projects undertaken by the Foundation, such as educational programs, activities, exhibitions or publications, are based on creating an innovative, participatory and inclusive project focused on reflecting upon the image and its basic foundations, diffusing its capacity to communicate and its suitability to generate critical thinking.

Through a vast experience of 20 years working on promoting photography and visual education, Foto Colectania Foundation has gained the support of the local community and the city’s social fabric, as well as a network of collaborating institutions that demonstrates the recognition for its work at a national and international level.


Think Human Foundation & Foto Colectania

The project will engage more than 100 youngsters at risk of social exclusion, who will participate in educational photography workshops and a series of follow-up tuitions with several months of duration. 

The project will imply the participation of several professional photographers, educators, as well as NGOs and the local Administration. The local community including  educational centers, photography schools, Webhelp volunteers,  teachers, and families will also be involved.

The project will help participants get acquainted with the world of  image and photography, its use in different professions and the future job opportunities . We will work on the youngsters acquaintance with technology and digital tools and to help them acquire personal, emotional, and social capabilities. 

Thorough work will be conducted throughout the next three years to promote the youth’s labor inclusion through a network of social and cultural collaborators, educational organizations, as well as the business sector, that will help enhance their access to work opportunities.  

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