Glasswing International – Guatemala


Guatemala, a country with the largest economy in Central America, is grappling with alarming rates of poverty and inequality, as highlighted by the World Bank. But amidst these challenges, Glasswing International has emerged as a formidable force, working tirelessly to tackle the root causes of violence and poverty through education and health programs. The association has become a beacon of hope in Guatemala’s fight against poverty and inequality. 


History bears witness to the indomitable spirit of Glasswing International, established on September 6, 1996, as a testament to the unwavering dedication of HRH Prince Claus to culture and its pivotal role in the development of societies. Over the years, the organization has forged connections, stimulated cultural expression, and preserved cultural heritage in diverse ways. With a focus on supporting artists and cultural practitioners, Glasswing International has designed a series of three prestigious Awards that cater to the specific needs of creative talents at critical stages of their careers. 


Glasswing International

At the heart of Glasswing International’s unwavering mission is a resolute commitment to address the root causes and dire consequences of violence and poverty. Through innovative education and health programs, the organization empowers young people and strengthens public systems. One of their current flagship programs is aimed at providing public school boys and girls with opportunities to enhance their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills through technological clubs. But it doesn’t stop there – every Glasswing program also includes a restorative and psychological first aid component that prioritizes socio-emotional learning for each participant.


Think Human Foundation & Glasswing International

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Think Human Foundation (THF) has joined forces with Glasswing International this year to advocate for education and psychological support through social and emotional learning. The project is being rolled out in five phases, in partnership with the esteemed community school, Jose Miguel Vasconcelos, and is set to benefit a staggering number of direct beneficiaries – 120 participants (students), 50 caregivers, and 8 teachers. .

The extracurricular clubs offered through the project are designed to boost students’ performance in math, science, and reading, while also nurturing positive behaviors and meaningful connections with their peers. The impact is far-reaching, instilling in students a sense of pride and belonging, reducing absenteeism, and minimizing aggressive behavior. 

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