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Become a mentor and become a Think Human Foundation Giver by giving time 1 to 2 hours a week during 14 weeks. Young people across the globe struggle to enter the job market. 73 million youth are unemployed globally which gives a global unemployment rate for young people sitting at 14.9 percent. (Source)

As a result, Global Mentorship Initiative prepares graduating college students, from disadvantaged communities worldwide, for success in their job search. They do this by providing them with mentorships with tools and guidance needed to be successful in entering the job market and start their careers.    

History of Global Mentorship Initiative

Global Mentorship Initiative is born out of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs in Africa. The association launched its first mentorships in March 2020 with 20 students in South Africa and the United States. From October 2022, GMI has supported over 2,000 students in 74 countries including 8 refugee camps. 

Since its establishment, GMI has created a structured online training program coupled with one-to-one mentorship which has proven success in connecting graduating college students from marginalized communities with employment opportunities. 


Global Mentorship Initiative

The association prepares college students from disadvantaged backgrounds around the world for success. This is achieved through a structured, online, one-to-one mentorship with a career professional. In essence, GMI’s mission is to bridge the gap between graduation and employment for young people to build a brighter future.


Become a mentor

In the beginning of 2023, Think Human Foundation and GMI collaborate on a 3-year project which fosters digital inclusion. The project will impact a total of 760 students from marginalized communities during the 3-year project. Mentors provide 1 to 2 hours per week (14 weeks) and go through different modules: build a career plan, create your LinkedIn profile, write your resume, prepare for your job interview, how it is to work in an international environment.

Mentors have all the tools on the platform provided to give professional coaching to their mentees. 

The platform is now also available in French, allowing students and mentors from Bénin, Sénégal and some parts of Ghana to apply too. 

To become a mentor, you just need to register on

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