Hej Framling!


It all started at an asylum camp in 2013, where passivity was a major health issue and newcomers felt challenged to connect with local Swedish people.

History of Hej Framling!

Two years later, Hej Framling! (=Hi Stranger!) was registered as a Swedish non-governmental organization. Its purpose is to offer health-boosting activities free of charge to all members of the community. Activities are led by volunteers and Initiators, and are culture-, sport- and outdoor-related. Newcomers and established Swedes can build relationships and grow networks. All “Initiators” are certified to make sure that all our activities follow Hi Stranger!’s fundamental values which include:

• Follow and spread knowledge about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• Always make the most sustainable decisions possible – economically, socially, and environmentally
• Always choose to see the strength and potential in others
• Always encourage diversity, transparency, participation, joy, and respect.

Hej Framling!  aims to empower its members’ mental and physical health so they can play a more active role in their lives.


Hej Framling!

Hej Framling! dreams of inclusion for all. To be recognized for your assets instead of receiving support for what you do not have. Hej Framling!! hopes to empower all to live to their full potential in life and aims to work with children, young adults and women.

Hi Stranger! wants to empower more people to:

  • Find a friend or a social context to belong
  • Feel healthy, both physically and psychologically
  • Speak and feel comfortable speaking Swedish
  • Feel like a part of the local and national community

Last year, Hej Framling! had 17,850 visits at activities despite the pandemic restrictions. Of these participants, 51% were men and 49% were women. The participants have remained balanced, with 54% of all visits from newcomers and asylum seekers, and 46% being local Swedes. Today, the organisation is active in 8 counties across 40 different towns.


Think Human Foundation & Hej Framling!

Think Human Foundation has followed Hej Framling!’s journey for a few years. Recently, the organizations began working together on a common interest – educating women about health.

“Pep talks about health” is an educational project to

empower women with information about health, body, food, and movement. The leaders of the project are women who have embarked on their own health journeys. The projects will help at least 175 women at seven different sites across Sweden, empowering them with knowledge about their bodies.

“We are proud to see that Think Human Foundation shares our values and our engagement for inclusion especially for women. We look forward to 2022 and future cooperation! We know that this investment will have profound impact, for women, their families, and communities. “

– Emma Odsell Jangö, director

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