Junior Achievement Europe


Young people from around the world have limited opportunities and need support in order to thrive in the labor market. Junior Achievement, with the excellent reputation of its amazing work, has been helping the youth for the past 100 years.

History of Junior Achievement Europe

JA Europe has always been inspiring and preparing young children for their future. This organization was founded in 1919 by Theodore Vail, president of American Telephone & Telegraph; Horace Moses, president of Strathmore Paper Co.; and Senator Murray Crane of Massachusetts.

Their first program was addressed to young adults in high school offering them training sessions on an after-school basis. These last decades, the concept never stopped expanding, developing programs for in-school and after-school students.

Its network includes now 41 national organisations which have impacted 4,2 million young people all together. Within that network, 142 000 teachers and 138 000 business mentors participated.


Junior Achievement Europe

JA Europe aims to empower the next generation. The organization wants to change the lives of young people by inspiring them and preparing them to succeed in a global economy.

This is carried out through programmes that have the following three fundamental principles: Work Readiness, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement believes that these skills will help young people be more confident and independent, have a better understanding of their opportunities, and make smart choices.


Think Human Foundation & JA Europe

This organization has a commendable track record and the project agreed with Think Human Foundation will occur in five different countries: Denmark, Norway, Latvia, ​Estonia, and Finland​.

It has a 3-year timeline and will benefit 520 students in the first year. Over 3 years, the project aims to impact more than 1 500 students with limited opportunities between the ages of 13-16 years.

Think Human Foundation and Junior Achievement have broadened their impact by partnering up with Genc Basari, a local NGO in Turkey.

They support the ‘My Future’ project which will benefit young children from ages between 15-18 years. The project aims to train 800 people across Turkey.

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