L’Albero Della Vita – Italy


Children’s well-being means making sure they have the right opportunities for a bright future. There is no denying that there is room for improving equal access to opportunities, and it starts by providing children with quality education and care.   

History of L’Albero Della Vita

L’albero della vita has positively impacted children’s lives and their families for over 20 years and has since grown throughout all continents.  

It all began in the Great Hall of the Agora Centre in Assisi at a time when a group of men and women came together with the primary objective to improve the quality of life for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The first residential for young children without families was established during the first year in 1997. As the years went by, the association grew. New development programs were created in order to respond to the growing economic crisis. 

Now, this humanitarian organization is made up of three non-profit organizations: The Foundation, The Social Cooperative, and The Volunteer Association. 


L’Albero Della Vita

The organization’s mission is ensuring children’s well-being and that of their families as well as creating opportunities for minors from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The association intends to equip those young children with strong social and emotional skills in order for them to excel academically and in the workplace. This will be done through implementing three programs designed to assist these children and their families from being marginalized.

The first program, named ‘Inspiring’, aims at developing the children’s personal strengths and providing resources so that they can cope with the challenges they face in their communities. The second set of workshops is Operation focus groups. This program consists of different stakeholders such as entrepreneurs and managers who share their personal journey with the young children in order to inspire them. Lastly, Stem Labs is a program with the purpose to teach children about science, technology, maths and engineering skills.


Think Human Foundation & L’Albero Della Vita

Think Human Foundation decided to partner with L’albero della vita in 2022 to empower the youth through social and emotional learning skills. The ‘Talent Education’ project intends to assist 180 children between the ages of 10-17 years coming from disadvantaged neighborhoods in six cities in Italy

The aforementioned workshops aim to grow both their soft and life skills to have access to better opportunities in the professional world. 

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