Life Project 4 Youth – the Philippines & India


Today, out of the global population, 1.3 billion women and men worldwide are currently within the age of 15 to 24-years-old. This age and period are when many people undergo personal development and build out their future and role in society.

Among these young people, 85% of them live in emerging and developing countries. Three hundred million live in slums, and over half of them live in a society that does not provide fair wages, pensions, or social and health protection.

History of Life Project 4 Youth

In 2009, a group of friends and entrepreneurs from Europe and the United States came together to find a solution for the extreme poverty and exclusion widespread across the globe. Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) was founded to develop innovative solutions for young adults’ professional and social integration.

Life Project 4 Youth Alliance is a federation of 17 organizations in 13 countries. It supports the inclusion of thousands of young people and their families in 57 programs, four Life Project Centers, 15 Training and Development centers, four Little Angel Academies, four Green Villages, and two LP4Y Labs in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America.


Life Project 4 Youth

Life Project 4 Youth aims to accompany the most excluded youth by hosting training centers in or nearby areas of extreme poverty. The association wants to support these local communities with professional and social integration to help them flourish personally and professionally.

LP4Y also advocates on behalf of excluded youth living in poverty by telling their stories and giving them the opportunity to make their voices heard. The association encourages all innovative entrepreneurial initiatives that support youth inclusion by initiating and developing new networks and projects on a global scale to facilitate best practice exchanges between all organizations and businesses advocating for youth inclusion.


Think Human Foundation & Life Project 4 Youth

Webhelp APAC began collaborating with LP4Y in the Philippines in December 2020 and began hosting professional training and mock interviews for local youth in 2021.

In 2022, the foundation will support LP4Y through funding the Life Project Money and its digital platform.

Training sessions on SELs will also be conducted for local young people.

As we endeavor to make the world a better place, we count on our supporters to continue inspiring the next generation by how we live, love and give.

Think Human Foundation has further extended their project with LP4Y in India for 6 months. Youth will develop their digital skills while simultaneously acquiring social and business skills. The project will benefit young people from 15-24 years old.

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