The Student House of Timahdite


Founded in 1994, the Dar Talib / Taliba of Timahdite aims to empower local students by fostering a supportive educational experience.

Student House of Timahdite’s History

Timahdite is located at the heart of the Middle Atlas in Morroco, far from big cities, at 1800 meters. Most villages are scattered dozens of kilometers away from the local schools, making the route impossible in winter’s icy conditions. For this reason, the students reside at the student home to pursue education.

In addition to board and lodging, volunteers from the association provide tutoring courses at Dar Taliba. As a result, the young students have been successful at a much higher rate than the national average. In 2018, 100% of Talib’s students passed, compared to 72% national average*.


The Student House of Timahdite

Dar Talib / Taliba of Timahdite aims to empower young people to continue education and develop essential skills for integration into the working world. The goal is to prevent dropout by providing access to quality education and skills needed for a better future. With the proper education, the students can be prepared to fulfill their dreams.

Although Morocco has promoted education for several years to reduce inequality, the student enrollment rate remains low, especially for children in rural areas. While 69.5% continue their middle-school education, high school can become a far-fetched dream for most since only 30.6% make it to this level*.

*According to UNICEF:


Think Human Foundation & The Student House of Timahdite

As part of the “Warm Winter” solidarity action, in 2019, Webhelp Maroc employees collected a donation of clothes and blankets to help rural populations face winter’s harshness.

A Webhelp employee discovered the student house when dropping off the donation. He thought – why not help these students directly?

Webhelp Maroc didn’t hesitate to launch support from SHARED foundation and Webhelp to renovate the girls’ building.

Afterward, the next focus was on building two computer rooms, one in the girls’ building and one in the boys’ building.

In 2020, Think Human Foundation provided internet connection for the children’s computers, granting them access to open digital education.

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