Alliance pour l’éducation – France


Open opportunities, great relationship with schools and building a bridge towards the corporate world, thanks to United Way’s strong network of 43 associations. United Way-Alliance pour l’éducation offer free and customized programs for school answering the needs that youth are facing. These customized and free programs enable them to improve their verbal/soft skills, educate and prevent cyber-bullying or harassment, helping them achieve their professional ambition & build their self-confidence. 

History of Alliance pour l’éducation – United Way

United Way was established in 1887 in Denver, Colorado (United States of America) by 5 founders: a woman, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi. Since its inception, the association has mobilized 2.9 million volunteers and has raised over 5.2 billion dollars (which equates to $16 dollar per person in USA) in 1800 countries where United Way has an active presence. 

United Way’s focus is education which helps young children to reach their full potential, promote financial stability and independence for families and individuals and to improve health. This association has been working to improve community health for over 135 years. 


United Way

United Way’s mission is to improve lives by engaging and creating a strong network of communities around the world, who would not only uplift each other but also support each other. This association serves 37 countries and territories and continues to enrich the lives of 48 million people globally every year.


Think Human Foundation & United Way- Alliance pour l’éducation!

In 2023, Think Human Foundation and United Way entered a partnership for 3 years in France. This partnership would impact the lives of 86 young people from their Youth Challenge Program each year. 

The Youth Challenge is designed to provide recurring opportunities to develop social and professional skills in the age group of 6th grade to 12th grade.

Through the support of THF (Think Human Foundation), United Way team connect with their corporate partners, NGO partners and schools to give them perspective and to channelize their thought process towards creating a better life and be equipped with necessary skills.

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