Working Rite – UK


Working Rite is a multi-award-winning Scottish charity transforming the lives of young people who cannot enter the labor market. Youth unemployment is a global issue, and this association dedicates its time and resources to nurture, upskill and mentor young people to ensure a bright future. 

History of Working Rite

Association was established in 2008 as a community interest company, however, in 2011 it was converted into a charity. Working Rite’s foundation was laid in Leith, UK, where its head office is situated. Since its establishment, the association has been helping youth secure employment in Glasglow, Lothians, Aberdeen City, and East Ayrshire. Everyone within their program is matched with a local business or a trade that interests them. These individuals then work and learn with a dedicated mentor assigned to them, who nurtures their strengths and helps them address their weaknesses. As of today, they have an outstanding record where 80% of their trainees who complete their program secure a stable job or apprenticeship. 


Working Rite

Working Rite aims to break the poverty cycle that has plagued so many communities around the globe. They empower youth with skills that they require for them to secure employment. Their program can be individually tailored to highlight their existing skills and turn their weakness into their strengths. It allows youth to gain work experience, build their self-confidence and offers them the chance to be surrounded by good role models.


Think Human Foundation & Working Rite

In 2023, Think Human Foundation and Working Rite joined hands for a 2-year project to uplift young individuals and promote education. Education is the center of their core values, as a result, they collaborated on the “Rite to Work” project in East Ayrshire. This project is executed in 3 schools that have been identified to be in urgent need in the East Ayrshire community.

This project would benefit young children (aged 15) who are in their 4th year of secondary school and have a high chance of either not completing their term or dropping out of their class.  This program is delivered 1 day per week for approximately 16 weeks. It involves emotional learning, practical job skills, and soft skills to boost their confidence. 

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