3 ways to give to Think Human Foundation


published on: 03.23.2023

Everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts. GivingTuesday is the world’s largest generosity movement. This global generosity movement, created in 2012, encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Join the GivingTuesday movement and reimagine a world built upon shared humanity and radical generosity.

On this special day and all year long, below are some inspirations to give to Think Human Foundation.

3 ways to give to THF

1. Give Voice

“It’s important to me, to spread kindness

Z.R. – Webhelper in Malaysia

Every word-of-mouth counts in to fight for education. Together we can have more impact.

You’ve heard about Think Human Foundation and you want to help us raise awareness on education?

Spread the word! Talk about it around you and share our content on your social account!

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2. Give Time

Sharing knowledge and experience will help others gain knowledge from me and I believe its one of my purposes in life.

MC.S – Webhelper in Philippines

Hundreds of Webhelpers already offered their time, their skills and energy.

  • In Morocco, more than 2000 hours were offered by the IT teams to repair and donate computers to local associations. 
  • In Asia, 32 colleagues volunteered 147 hours to mentor young students from Life Project 4 Youth so they could improve their resume and their communication skills. 30 mock interviews and 12 training sessions were organized for 188 young people

Do you also want to participate?

1. Contact the closest Think Human Foundation ambassador in your region, to know more about your local THF project and see if you can volunteer to help us empower the youth of the 21st century.

2. Become a mentor. Dedicate 1 hour of your time every week for 14 weeks. Get the powerful support of the Global Mentorship Initiative to learn and teach. Be the best mentor for a student who needs support to enter you into the job market. 

3. Give Money

“Now I need to give more meaning to my work. Thanks to the foundation, Webhelp allows me to both do a job that fascinates me but also to participate a little to fight against inequalities and improve the daily life of those who need it more than me.

J.B – Webhelper in France

Hosting fundraising events and making donations to Think Human Foundation is a way of giving to the organizations.

The 2022 ‘MoreForTheirFuture’ awareness and fundraising campaign to support education reached 2000 participants and allowed in 10 days to raise 40 000 euros.

 Anyone, from anywhere, can give to Think Human Foundation at any time.

Follow this link to unleash your generosity: support.thinkhumanfoundation.org/donate 

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