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published on: 04.17.2024

We envision a world in which all young people are empowered through education to live up to their potential.​​​​​​​

It’s our mission to foster the social and professional inclusion of young people with limited opportunities, through educative projects enhancing the skills needed to navigate the 21st century.​


Think Human Foundation was created so we could have an impact together. You can all become part of the amazing community of Think Human Foundation Givers.

During More for their Future week , many game-changers participated in their country to fundraise donations and bring awareness about the importance of education. thank you for your amazing support.

38 200€ were already collected. 50% will help renovate a school in Türkiye and 50% will help fund our other projects.

Any game-changer can participate by giving voice (awareness), money (donations) or time (mentorship for example). Please contact me for any information


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  • From anywhere in the world.
  • How long: 14 weeks. 1 to 2 hours per week to teach career skills. The content of the mentorship and tools are given in English and French
  • Contact: 
  • How to register: in English:​​​​​​​ or in French


Article 1​​​​​​​

  • Become a mentor in France
  • How long: 3hours per month during 6 months to 1 year.
  • Contact:

Education for employment

  • Become a mentor in Morocco
  • How long: 1 hour per week over 12 weeks.
  • Contact: and
inspirational speakers

Become an inspirational speaker

Life Project For Youth

  • From anywhere
  • How long: 30 min + the time to prepare your content and create the e-training
  • Contact:
albero della vita

Become a teacher

Glasswing and Ensena Peru

  • Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador
  • How long: a few hours
  • Contact: 

L’Alberro della Vita

  • Italy
  • How long: half a day to teach code and digital training
  • Contact: 
United Way

Share your experience

United-Way, Alliance pour l’éducation

  • France
  • Explain everything about your job during a “Forum des métiers”
  • How long: half a day
  • Contact: and
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