Charity beyond
monetary donations


published on: 12.05.2023

International Day of Charity honors the work of Mother Teresa. She dedicated most of her life to helping other people to overcome suffering and poverty. She shed light on the poor standard of living in India and other nations that many people across the globe were not aware of. Her charitable work is an ongoing legacy that she left behind.  

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa 

Charity is more than monetary donations. This day was established with the intention of encouraging people to give and to mobilize NGOs and stakeholders worldwide to participate in philanthropic activities and volunteer work.

Uplifting rural communities in the Philippines with LP4Y

Life Project 4 Youth is an association that supports local communities living in poverty in 13 different countries by hosting training sessions on social and emotional learning. Think Human Foundation started collaborating with this NGO in 2021 to empower youth in the Philippines.  

This project is a good example of people giving something more than money: skills. Webhelp volunteers provided online training sessions and conducted mock interviews. During these sessions, young children developed their digital, social and business skills. The main purpose was to help youth develop their confidence and prepare them for future employment.

Giving in the form of transferable skills with Article 1

Article 1 is another association Think Human Foundation supports, and its mission is to empower young adults with limited opportunities or from difficult backgrounds in France. They aim to increase their chances to pursue their future studies and enter the labor market with confidence.  

Nine Webhelpers participated as mentors in individual coaching, proving that charity can be as well sharing knowledge and expertise. The program focuses on life skills, developing self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills to guide these young adults and help them reach their personal and professional objectives. Yan Noblot, Group CTO, is one of these mentors, and shared with us his experience: 

“I am the mentor of a student with Article 1. My mentee is following a Master 2 in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Dauphine University. We have worked for more than a year on the preparation for his exams, the choice of his subjects of dissertations, and internships. It is a mentorship program that opens our eyes to the fact that some students do not have access to the codes or the functioning of the labor market. I share my experience with him to help him navigate the meanders of this world and we discuss the possible consequences of the opportunities that open up before him.” 

Happy International Day of Charity 

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