Computer rooms for
the Timahdite Students


published on: 09.28.2023

On Friday, 18 December 2020, the student house of Timahdite opened its two new computer rooms, freshly equipped with internet and computers, thanks to the help of the Webhelp team in Maroc and Think Human Foundation.

PC rooms Timahdite Inauguration

Essential access to the digital world 

The student house of Timahdite (or Dar Talib / Taliba de Timahdite) welcomes young college / high school students from hard-to-reach rural areas, where dropping out of school is common. Its objective is to empower young people to continue education and develop essential skills for integration into the working world. Digital learning is a crucial aspect of education.

Computer rooms for students of Timahdite 

Webhelp Maroc provided 50 computers recycled from its stocks and the furniture needed to equip the two computer rooms, one in the girls’ building and the other in the boys’ building. 

This action follows the repair of the girls’ building executed in 2019 by SHARED, the foundation of Webhelp, intending to improve the living conditions of the young girls on-premise. 

This year, Think Human Foundation joined the teams to support the organization by providing the computer rooms with the necessary internet connection, allowing students to do research and homework online.

Solidarity with dependable volunteers

To be ready on time, the teams faced the harshness of winter while furnishing and decorating the rooms, then installing all the necessary equipment to have the computer rooms operational for the launch. On this occasion, several of Think Human Foundation’s suppliers lent support by providing supplies and resources, making it possible to finalize the project.

The Think Human Foundation team is proud to have united with Webhelp Maroc, another beautiful example of solidarity in Morroco.

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