Embracing creativity
with Foto Colectania


published on: 04.17.2024

Photography is a form of art that allows individuals to explore and experience the world from their lens. It can be used to transform individuals and societies by exposing them to different perspectives in life. Foto Colectania intends to harness this skill and introduce it to the social, artistic and educational field in Spain. 

Last November, Think Human Foundation started a 3-year partnership with Foto Colectania. This is an organization in Spain which intends to create and promote photography projects. They promote social, labor and digital inclusion for youth in disadvantaged communities in Barcelona. The association uses photography to inspire its members. 

On this special day and all year long, below are some inspirations to give to Think Human Foundation.

Conducting Workshops in Barcelona 

Foto Colectania delivers on its mandate through hosting three workshops in the disadvantaged neighborhoods in Barcelona. From 21 March 2022 to 22 June 2022, this organization has rolled out its project in three neighborhoods already. Each workshop was conducted by a professional photographer with experience in educational programs.  

The first phase comprised of three workshops which were dedicated to learning about one another as members and the photographers who were going to conduct these sessions. During this session, the participants also learnt file management, how the drive works and the importance of saving and naming files correctly and learning the basic functions of the Adobe Bridge programme. This is a powerful creative asset manager which allows one to preview, edit, organize and publish multiple assets easily and quicker. By acquiring these skills, participants can prepare to enter the labor market. 

Harnessing Youth Creativity   

The second workshop was dedicated to the photography project. They went out in groups every week to take pictures of places, people and captured stories of their neighborhoods. The third part of the workshops included evaluation of the content that was captured, and the best pictures were chosen for the exhibition.  

foto colectania

Foto Colectania Exhibitions 

At the end of the workshops and exhibition, the participants acquire the following skills through their experience: Creative thinking, Stress management, Resilience, Confidence, Open-mindedness, Responsible decision making, Leadership Skills, Critical thinking / Problem-solving skills, Relationship skills, Cooperation and Conflict management. As a result, the project gives the young children a positive experience and one of the volunteers shared their insight on it: 

“At the beginning I really didn’t know what to expect, as the idea of a Foundation was pretty new for us in Spain. My drive was helping and reaching out to those in need, and if I could do anything then I was definitely in. After one year, I’ve seen how all the organizations have worked in a really engaged and committed way, and of course seeing happy faces in the youth makes me smile every time.” 

In addition, in November 2022, the organisation hosted an exhibition showcasing the photography skills of the participants of this project. The picture below is a display of some the work captured during the second workshop. 

foto colectania
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