From SHARED to
Think Human Foundation

published on: 06.03.2023

Since the founding in 2000, Webhelp has demonstrated a strong commitment to people through an active social responsibility policy. Environmental, social and corporate governance is a part of Webhelp’s identity and culture. Webhelpers are encouraged to provide frequent support, from dedicating time and effort by volunteering, donating money and supplies to developing education programs to support local communities.

Over the years, one observation has emerged: inequalities in access to education and the social divide prevent specific people from accessing decent living conditions. Discrimination, poverty, and bad luck are all criteria that can lead to social and professional exclusion.

The beginnings of SHARED

Faced with this scourge, Webhelp created the SHARED Foundation (Solidarity, Humanitarian, Aid, Environment, Diversity) in 2015 under the Foundation of France and chaired by Vincent Bernard, then President of Webhelp France.

SHARED’s mission was built upon three axes:

  • Fight against social inequalities by supporting professional integration
  • Foster inclusion through the promotion of equal opportunities for access to education
  • Transmit digital skills as a lever of employability

The foundation aims to support people as they find a place in society. The excluded or marginalized people who may not have had the chance to receive a quality education or training also deserve a better life.

SHARED’s achievements

SHARED covers the France region’s territory and supports local associations in the countries our France-based Webhelp branches support.

Sadica arrived on the project in 2019 to coordinate the territory’s initiatives. It was necessary to identify local associations in each country and involve employees as much as possible in charitable activities.

In five years, SHARED has supported 15 associations whose mission echoes that of the foundation. This presence in eight countries has enabled 2,000 people with professional integration difficulties to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the harsh labor market.

Here are some examples of SHARED initiatives:

  1. Cancer @ work supports the integration and reintegration of cancer patients by promoting professional retraining. While Webhelp loaned its premises to the association for events, SHARED could fund initiatives such as job interviews.
  2. Diversicom helps disabled people with professional integration through individual and group coaching sessions. SHARED contributed financially to the organization of these coaching sessions.
  3. Colorie Ma Vie supports the Malagasy children by providing them with shelter, food, and education. SHARED was involved in the educational program by equipping them with academic and material resources.

And many other NGOs, such as Hope & Homes for Children Romania, which sponsored 15 disadvantaged young adults to promote their professional and social integration, The student house of Timahdite and Baby Lab.

An international ambition: Think Human Foundation

This project’s success in France made it possible to visualize a broader impact and fight against these inequalities in many of Webhelp’s locations in over 50 countries.

The ambition was that the structure of the SHARED foundation had to evolve to facilitate this development. So, in January 2020, Olivier Duha, co-founder of Webhelp, created Think Human Foundation:

“Since the creation of SHARED Foundation in France in 2015, we’ve managed to grow Webhelp’s initiative to a force with a global reach, today known as Think Human Foundation. At Webhelp, we believe that education and inclusion are integral for a person to succeed, which is why it’s our mission to promote and foster more equitable opportunities for people to find a place in the workforce. The foundation is more than a charity because our Webhelpers will dedicate their time towards working with local communities, regional networks, and national governments to create opportunities for people in the professional world. We are so proud that this global charity initiative has all the support of the global Webhelp family.”

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