Gaining Self-confidence
with Duo for a Job


published on: 12.03.2022

Think Human Foundation started collaborating with Duo for a Job in 2021 for the purpose of launching a new branch in Lille. This intergenerational mentoring program forms duos of young job seekers with an immigration background, young refugees (mentees),with volunteers aged 50+ (mentors).

DUO Didier & Abdelhalim

The new branch in Lille

After the success of the Duo for a job’s implementation in Paris, the organization decided to extend its impact in the North of France, in Lille.

The first challenge was to find the right team, and after a few months only, 4 staff members joined the organization to support the development of this new branch. They receive the support as well from an international team: +10 staff members based in Brussels, Duo for a Job’s HQ, and 2 people in Paris, on different topics (communication, IT, HR, networking, and so on) to ensure the most efficient results. 

To make this project happen, Duo for a Job organized 89 Information Sessions (IS) in order to introduce the programme that would mobilize the first mentors and mentees.

Following this process, Duo for a Job could get to know the participants and create the best match possible between the mentors and the mentees.

32 duos formed

This is after 9 matching sessions that 32 duos were formed and signed a mentoring agreement to this day (May 30th).

In April 2022, Neiva and Manal, one of these duos, shared their testimony with us:

Neiva, 29 years old, mentee, duo with Manal: “Thank you for your help and availability. Thanks to you I could meet wonderful people who could get the best out of me. I gained more confidence and assertiveness”

Manal, 54 years old, mentor, duo with Neiva: ” I am happy to see this remarkable change in Neiva’s personality where confidence and self-esteem increased tremendously. She was proposed the job she wanted. She has blossomed, and this is great!


This project is still on, and the duos are more active than ever, helping the young mentees gain more confidence to tackle the professional world and get the job they want!

Forming this type of duos have a real impact on the mentees on different levels. Empathy, respect and open-mindedness are just the tip of the iceberg skills they manage to improve. Since they benefit from the experience of their mentors, mentees learn new skills aiming to increase their level of job readiness. We don’t always know how to manage our stress, solve a problem or cooperate with other people. The wise pieces of advice given by their mentors will help them get the right behavior according to specific situations. In the end, they all gain confidence and self-esteem, which is the foundation needed to face the professional world.  

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