Promoting self-care
for a better inclusion
with Hej Framling


published on: 12.05.2023

Last December, Think Human Foundation started a project with Hej Framing in Sweden. The aim is to help refugee women feel more confident and freer through knowledge and get a better understanding of their own bodies and mind. 

“We are proud to support Hej Framling! to empower hundreds of women with knowledge of health! Throughout history, bodies have been used as a means of oppression and injustice, which is why we contacted Hej Framling! to support their goal of making a difference in the world. “- Lars Olsen, regional coordinator for Think Human Foundation  

Inspirational Talks around Sweden 

The association will prepare 7 ‘Pep talks about health for women’ in 7 different sites around Sweden. These workshops are an educational concept, basic learnings about health, body, food, and movement.   

Often born outside of the EU, refugee women tend to stay at home, with no physical activity, and might not really be aware of the need to take care of their body. Their low health literacy can have consequences on their physical and mental health, and indirectly on their social life.

Hej Framling

Self-care is key

Since the beginning of this project, 2 workshops already took place in Lulea and Boliden reunited 60 women to help them understand that taking care of themselves will help them be more open to the world. Indeed, settling in a foreign country can be challenging at every level, especially if you don’t speak the language. This is when this is important to feel confident and strong. And as a refugee woman, this is not that easy. 

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world” – Lucille Ball 

Even if these workshops are focused on mental and physical health, it does have an impact on the social life of these women. “By being more active in our everyday life, we feel more confident, we increase our self-esteem and, in the end, learn to love ourselves.” 

More pep talks will be hosted within the next months in other cities in Sweden to impact more refugee women. We hope this project will empower them enough to meet more people, take part in Swedish society and feel this sense of community.

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