Teaching is a multi-faceted profession


published on: 02.27.2024

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein

And on this day, we embrace and celebrate that art. 

Roles played by teachers

Teachers come in many different forms or fill different roles in an individual’s life. For instance, one could be a mentor, an instructor or a guardian. To children with no role model at home, teachers fill it and help them shape their future. They go beyond their professional capacity to make a positive impact on a person’s life. Besides educating, they even counsel students as they grow and mature, assisting them integrate their social, emotional and intellectual growth. In this way, students begin to learn the ways of the world around them. There are only a few people in our lives who impact our world, and teachers are definitely one of them.

Ensena peru

Challenges faced by Teachers

Across the globe, teachers experience a lot of challenges such as poor working conditions, and being underpaid whereas they wake up at the crack of dawn to deliver an impactful service to communities. This day raises awareness of the struggles that teachers encounter in their profession. Fortunately, these struggles can be resolved or at least discussed in order to solve them. Also, the United Nations created the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Teachers to address the persisting challenges faced by teachers worldwide.  However, such challenges have never hindered teachers from continuing with their great work.

Impacting educational systems with Ensena Peru 

Education is at the heart of Think Human Foundation and Ensena Peru in their partnership. The organization promotes innovative change in the educational systems across the rural areas in Peru. They provide support to schoolteachers and administrators who share their skills with the members of this association. Experiential leadership programs for teachers, school principals, local leaders, student leaders, and professionals from various backgrounds are held to impact the lives of students in their communities. As a result, members acquire leadership training and are equipped with skills to help them excel as teachers. Then one question remains: do we really know our teachers?

Happy Teachers Day! 

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