Happy Giving Tuesday

published on: 05.18.2024

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that encourages people to give back to their communities.  Initially, back in 2012 when this movement was launched, the goal was to make giving more central in our daily lives. Today, it has grown significantly in over 80 countries and has inspired hundreds of millions of givers across the world.  

 Every day is Giving Tuesday 

There are many ways in which we can give back to our communities. Whether it’s a gesture that puts a smile on someone’s face or helping a stranger out. Think Human Foundation unleashes generosity all year round as we partner up with different associations across the globe and support their initiatives to improve the quality of life of young people. We offer hope and give youth a chance to rebuild and shape their future. 

Give Voice, Give time, Give Money. In all the regions where our game changers are located, they have chosen at least one way to give. In Malaysia, China they are organizing a Bazaar and our colleagues donate a certain percentage of the sales. In Spain, they are selling the furniture of the previous office and the profits will be sent to THF. In Morocco, our colleagues can donate their time by mentoring young people supported by Education for employment in their career skills. 

Why is it so important to give and how can this generosity be used? 

Open this map: Here and pick one video to meet with our partners 

Giving Tuesday

Reimagine a world built on shared humanity and generosity. 

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