Celebrating World
Youth Skills day


published on: 12.03.2022

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of July and it encourages the youth to acquire 21rst century skills that will help them improve their quality of life and their professional integration.

The Importance of Youth Skills

Throughout the world, the percentage of unemployed youth across the globe continues to grow at an exponential rate. Over the next decade, the World Bank estimates one billion young people will try to enter the job market, but less than half of them will find formal jobs. There are 64 million young people who are currently unemployed in the world and 145 million live in poverty*.

Foto Colectania Youth skills day 2022

Think Human Foundation aims at improving the lives of young people by equipping them with skills that will improve their employability. Today, more than ever, if young people want to achieve their personal goals and success in their professional careers, they need 21st-century skills. The set of soft skills required in the workplace is continuous learning, time management, decision-making, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc. A way to combat this issue is to make job-readiness programs accessible, develop entrepreneurship, enhance apprenticeships, create mentorship programs to open networks and inform them to choose the right career.**

Think HumanFoundation is placing emphasis on the importance of social and emotional learning as well as financial education and entrepreneurship programs. In Spain, the unemployment rate is 13.3% ***. The association Foto Colectania teaches young people from excluded backgrounds how to increase their communication, digital skills, self-confidence, and group cooperation by learning how to become a photographer.

By equipping the youth with different skills, they will be able to bake their own bread instead of depending on others to give it to them. On this special Youth Skills Day, let’s celebrate and open the doors to opportunities for all!


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