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Charity beyond
monetary donations

International Day of Charity honors the work of Mother Teresa. She dedicated most of her life to helping other people to overcome suffering and poverty. She shed light ...

Let’s move for a cause

Think Human Foundation decided to join its forces with Webhelp for the KM Challenge. Starting today, Think Human Foundation will donate 1€ for every 20km achieved by ...

Celebrating World
Youth Skills day

World Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of July and it encourages the youth to acquire 21rst century skills that will help them improve their quality ...

Gaining Self-confidence
with Duo for a Job

Think Human Foundation started collaborating with Duo for a Job in 2021 for the purpose of launching a new branch in Lille. This intergenerational mentoring program ...

A safe learning environment
for Colorie ma vie’s…

In March 2021, Think Human Foundation pledged to support Colorie Ma Vie to help the 40 children and young adults from ages two to 20-years-old flourish and have a better ...
EducationDigital literacy

How can we do more
for their future?

As children and young adults are anxious about their future, as they are navigating in today’s world of complexity and frustrations, we have the power to help them. We ...

Education for Change

Education is the key to self-development and empowerment. At the foundation, we believe in equipping youth with skill-based training so that they can access better ...