How Artificial intelligence can
improve mentorship programs 


published on: 06.25.2024

Our current mentorship model 

Think Human Foundation is a partner of Global Mentorship Initiatives, which focuses on mentoring programs for disadvantaged youth. This partnership specifically aims to support young individuals in Benin and Senegal. So far, a group of twenty mentors from Webhelp have each mentored mentees through 14 one-hour sessions, helping them develop their understanding of the professional world, improve their oral presentation skills, refine their CVs, enhance their LinkedIn profiles, and create their career plans. 

Traditional mentorship typically involves an in-person, ongoing relationship between two individuals. However, GMI has successfully overcome geographical barriers by offering virtual mentorship that follows a structured program with continuous communication and specific goal setting. 

How AI can boost mentees 

The Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) is excited to announce the advancement of its mentorship approach by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its GMI Mentorship 2.0 program, leading to the launch of GMI Mentorship 3.0. This development marks a new era of connected and scalable mentorship. 

GMI Mentorship 3.0 will merge AI technology with GMI’s current model. It will harness the collective expertise and local knowledge of its 7,500+ member community to deliver specialized support and training to students. 

  • Participants will use ChatGPT and a GMI-specific AI database to pose queries and receive localized and personalized responses sourced from the entire GMI mentor community, using curated content by GMI. 
  • In addition to assisting students in their career planning and professional development, GMI’s AI-enhanced model will facilitate connections between employers and graduating students, presenting specific job opportunities worldwide. 

By integrating AI into its existing framework, GMI aims to provide an enriching learning experience for mentees while streamlining the transition from education to employment. 

In the rapidly evolving global economy, the effective utilization of AI is becoming essential. The association is dedicated to equipping students with the necessary tools and advantages to distinguish themselves. Furthermore, these program enhancements are currently being translated into French and will be incorporated into the French mentorship program by the end of July. 

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